Being Healthy Is A Choice

Ketosis and ketoacidosis

Nutrition companies are careful in compliance to never mention diseases or disorders with their product.

The research for ketones exists: — diabetes, Alzheimer’s, depression, Autism — do your own search and see for yourself. Yes, the diet maximizes fat loss, but the health benefits of ketones, and the overall well-being I’ve experienced supersede any weight/fat loss.

Endogenous ketones are naturally produced in your body while in ketosis. We all wake in a mild state of ketosis, after fasting while asleep. We are built to be “dual fuel” beings, meaning we use both glucose and ketones for energy. Ketones are a more efficient energy, and do not require insulin to enter the cell (as glucose does).

Keto//OS is exogenous ketones: originating outside the body, they enhance the endogenous ketones and heighten the effects of ketosis — curbed appetite, mental clarity, remarkable energy, even euphoria.

Even if you don’t follow a ketogenic diet, you can still enjoy the benefits of ketones, now for the first time, through Keto//OS.