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Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

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So juicing isn’t the ideal weight loss mechanism. But what if I use it to detox? What actually happens inside me to kick-start the process?

The word detox is often misunderstood and over hyped. Anyone starting a ‘detox’ juice cleanse is probably under the impression that their body is suddenly going to flush out lots of horrible toxins that have been stored in their liver for a long time.

Sorry, but it’s not the case. The reality is that the liver is constantly detoxifying, so juicing is not something that starts a detox process. However, what juicing does is give your digestive system a break, and provides plenty of antioxidants which will be well received by your hard working liver to keep up its ongoing job.

It is not uncommon for novice juicers to get over excited about the concept of juicing and juice large quantities of non-organic fruits and vegetables at home. If you are juicing with non-organic vegetables, you are likely to be flooding your body with pesticides, which is certainly not detoxifying. If your liver is the worry, go organic.

Fibre, the missing component of juices, must not be forgotten. Fibre is actually one of the most important factors of the diet when it comes to detoxing, as fibre helps to take waste out of the body, including excess hormones. If you are doing a juice detox for a lengthy time, you may want to consider adding in a fibre supplement to prevent your digestive tract from completely halting. Ideally, you’d eat a lot of fruit and vegetables as well as drinking juices.