Being Healthy Is A Choice


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We should think hard about consuming the cow’s milk since;

1. NO OTHER animal species drinks the milk of another species and
2. NO OTHER species drinks milk after a very young age.
Now the science not financed by the dairy industry is making it clear.

Human consumption of cow’s milk is very recent in human evolution. All science not financed by the dairy industry implicates dairy as horrible for human consumption. Big money is behind supporting dairy consumption. It is just the work of those such as Dr. McDougall that is getting the truth out. The creator of the Paleo diet and Dr. Campbell of China Study fame agree emphatically that dairy is bad for humans.

When Dr. Ornish reversed heart disease he eliminated dairy. When Dr. Essylstein reversed heart disease he eliminated dairy. When Dr. Ornish reversed prostate cancer, he eliminated dairy. Colin Campbell was able to turn cancer on or off by feeding rats a carcinogen and then adjusting the amount of casein (milk protein) in the diet. The largest epidemiological study ever(China Study) showed a direct relationship between dairy consumption and cancer (the more dairy, the more cancer).

Think about it– Even baby cows who are weened from its mother do NOT go back to the mother for milk. They eat grass. They do not go back to nursing. So, why do we humans week our kids from the mother only to go back and feed them gastric juices from a cow that have also been modified and altered?

Is MILK good or bad for you?

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